Jeannie Suk Gersen

Jeannie Suk Gersen

John H. Watson, Jr. Professor of Law Harvard Law School





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I just read this @NewYorker story by @JeannieSGersen.

It is a textbook example of how to investigate an academic controversy and render it in a thoughtful and compelling way for the broader public—without any frills, sensationalism, or gotcha moments.

Grateful to UPS for this evening’s delivery—and very, very grateful to all the smart and generous people who helped me with the contents.

Don't miss @JeannieSGersen's important take in the @NewYorker on the history of sexual slavery under the Japanese Imperial Army and the fraught history between Japan and Korea. #CiteWomen #WomenAlsoKnowLaw

Is it really an authentic email btw Ramseyer & a person disparaging Koreans? After getting a translation from Japanese expert, I'm finding it hard to imagine a colleague @harvard_law would write appreciatively back to a person expressing views to him about Koreans as a category.

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