Jeannie Suk Gersen

Jeannie Suk Gersen

John H. Watson, Jr. Professor of Law Harvard Law School





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As ever, the great ⁦@JeannieSGersen⁩ breaks down perfectly what the leaked opinion means about the future of abortion rights in ⁦@NewYorker⁩

On a new episode of our Politics and More podcast, @eosnos and @JeannieSGersen talk about what this week’s draft ruling means for reproductive rights in America—and about how far this Supreme Court might go in the future. Listen here.

“At a time when the fragility of the right to an abortion has become synonymous with the fragility of the Court’s legitimacy,” @JeannieSGersen writes, “such a brazen breach of the Court’s process and decorum deflates its dignified mystery.”

.@JeannieSGersen on what is coming: "an expedited attempt to render abortion illegal throughout the entire nation as the vindication of fundamental—if fundamentalist—constitutional rights can be expected to arrive much sooner than we thought."

"It is like catching the Court in its underwear, before it has had the chance to don the garments that cover, even armor, its deliberations in secrecy. It implies that the Justices have no clothes." - @Harvard_Law Prof & PD Soros Fellow @JeannieSGersen

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